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Shaun Landry

Buzzfeed Yellow 
​"When I Saw Him Again"

The Latest Appearance On The Internet & Film From Shaun...

Yell At a White Man Hotline

"Of course everything is going to be fine.
Everything is FINE FOR YOU!!"

Some Comedy Therapy just before inauguration 2017 from Cursed Champagne Productions

Written and Produced by:
Maggie Gottlieb and Julie Pearson
Directed by: Sylvia Batey Alcala

Also Featuring: Jackie Gonzalez Durruthy, Yolanda Carney, Shawn Richardz, Kyle Glenn Johnson, Chad Briggs, John Steins, Ronak Gandhi, Acquah Dansoh, Sylvia Batey Alcala, Maggie Gottlieb and
Julie Pearson.

Shaun Landry as Margaret in Open

Broke Episode 2:
​"Mother of Pearl"

Yell At A White Man Hotline

What is Going On?
(Bernie Sanders Tribute Video)

Broke Episode 3:  "Passin The Blunt"

How to Date Black Women

Improvisation ​(The Irish Mutts)

​​​Read You Like A Book  (with Danny Glover)

The Oscar Rant

The Agent