Shaun Landry

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Landry & Summers:
Yum Yum Chicken

Landry & Summers:
​Foot Massage


 Shaun Landry and Hans Summers is the comedy duo Landry & Summers. They are not only skilled improvisers working together creating improvisational and sketch comedy since 1986. Both founding members of Oui Be Negroes

They perform improvised scenes from your suggestions and sketch comedy from their heads. They also teach improvisational and sketch comedy nationally and internationally at theaters high schools and universities their specialty working with children and young adults.

Landry and Summers have been doing (Great Improv) for years. They Be Professionals – The Chicago Reader.

Landry & Summers


Landry & Summers:
The Sex Scat

Landry & Summers:
​The Dying Alone Song

Hans Summers & Shaun Landry are the Improvisational and Sketch Comedy Duo of Landry & Summers.

Landry & Summers:
​The Leak (Lik) Behind The Stove

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Landry & Summers:
​The D in "BDSM"