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Broke follows the lives of twentysomething best friends and recent grads who don’t let being cash-strapped stop them from pursuing their dreams. The 11-episode series is slated to debut on YouTube Red on Sept. 28. - Variety

​Shaun is honored to portray Mrs. Wright on Broke.
​Check out Episode Two's Mother of Pearl and all the episode On Youtube Red!

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Shaun is proud to be joined with Hans Summers doing improvisational & sketch comedy since 1986 in the comedy duo Landry & Summers! 

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Landry & Summers

Actor. Writer. Comedian. Director. Improviser.

Shaun is an actor, writer, director and Improviser.  She is nationally known for performing and teaching improvisational theatre around the country.

Check out her About Shaun page for reels links, and upcoming performances/projects in theatre, film and television.

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